Video and Floral Tributes

Video Tributes

We also offer video tributes of your loved ones, which can be displayed during the time preceding the funeral service in the Chapel, during the actual funeral service in the Chapel and/or in your home during the Shiva. The Video Tribute will be prepared from the photographs and information you provide of your loved one’s life. The length of time the video tribute runs and the cost will depend on the number of photographs you provide. Though music is not generally played during the morning period, we can provide a musical accompaniment if you wish. While some find music to be incongruous with our faith, others find it comforting. The choice, as always, is yours.


Although floral tributes are not generally seen at Jewish funerals, there is no real prohibition against them. The custom has been for many years not to use flowers and yet in Israel today it is not uncommon for loved ones to place flowers on the casket in the grave in lieu of shoveling earth. We can arrange for a wide array of floral tributes and can also provide individual flowers (or a bouquet of roses or other flowers) to be given to each family member who can than place the flower in the grave with your loved one.  (The flowers you see on this page are all from Israel which is a major floral producer.)