Restaurant Seudot (Meal) And Repasts Following The Funeral

We have also made arrangements with several restaurants in the area for the benefit of those we serve. Whether everyone is from out-of-town or would simply prefer to have the Shiva meal outside of their home, or where their home cannot accommodate the anticipated crowd. Generally, you will get a discounted rate using one of the packages we have negotiated with these restaurants for the benefit of our clients rather than going to them directly. In many cases a private or semi-private room or area may be available to you. If you are interested in this service please ask to speak to our catering manager who can provide you with full details. We have both a Kosher restaurant as well as several non-kosher restaurants in the area which are available under this program.

All restaurants are subject to change without notice. Please ask to speak to our catering manager for complete information and pricing.