Funeral Home Services

Services At The Funeral Home

Services are available at any of our three convenient funeral homes in our beautiful chapels. We can accommodate over 150 persons in all of our buildings and there is never any additional charge for a larger service. The choice of whether to have a funeral in the Funeral Home, at your synagogue, or graveside is very much a personal one. A service in any of our buildings usually involves a visitation for up to 1 hour preceding the service, followed by a service of approximately 20 minutes in length. (We strongly urge you to limit the number of speakers as the family often finds that a lengthy service with numerous speakers can be difficult for them to endure.) The service is then followed by a processional to the cemetery led by the hearse (or in special circumstances by a police escort.) The processional to the cemetery can take anywhere from 15 minutes (Temple B’nai Abraham Memorial Park in Union, N.J. or Beth David Memorial Park in Kenilworth from our Springfield facility) to an hour or longer, depending on where your chosen cemetery is located. In most cases the processional will take 30-40 minutes. We try to drive slowly, on both local roads as well as on the highways, so that we do not lose anyone who is following.

Why Have A Service In Our Chapels Or Your Synagogue Rather Than A Graveside?

We are often asked whether the family should have a service in one of our chapels or at graveside. The simple answer is: can you tell me what the weather will be on the day of the funeral? The truth of the matter is that whatever the weather is, it will feel worse at the cemetery. If it is raining or snowing you want to be inside as much as possible. The same applies if it is very hot or very cold. Remember that standing out in extreme weather of any kind can endanger health, particularly of the elderly. A Chapel or Synagogue service does take longer, but it also minimizes your time at the cemetery and puts you in a heated or air-conditioned environment for the majority of the service time. In all cases, and regardless of the weather, if you anticipate a large crowd will be attending the funeral (more than 200 people), then you should really consider having the service in your synagogue. If you are not a member of a synagogue we may be able to make arrangements for you to utilize a local synagogue.

Graveside Services

If the weather is expected to be temperate, then a graveside service may be the appropriate choice. Standing outside for a funeral service with nature when the temperature is in the high 60's to low 70's may be very soothing. But watch that thermometer, particularly if there are elderly present. People can become dehydrated quickly, so bringing some bottled water is not a bad idea either. A graveside service generally only involves the actual time for the service; approximately 25-30 minutes. Everyone gathers at the cemetery office or at the gravesite and the Rabbi conducts the service once the hearse arrives.

What About Medicaid?

Ross’ Shalom Chapels will provide a funeral service for those on the Medicaid program. Such a service generally consists of a graveside service with an orthodox pine casket. The religious ritual of Tahara is also available. The family will only be asked to contribute the amount allowed under the Medicaid program. As the amounts provided do change from time to time, it is important to ask the funeral director you are meeting with if this is a consideration. Remember also that certain programs do NOT provide a death benefit, so it is important to know what program your loved one is in.